Services We Offer

Serenity Providers

We are helping change the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities all across the Commonwealth through Sponsored Residential Support.

 With over 100 families willing, able, and ready to provide support and training for individuals in the Hampton Roads and central Virginia areas, we are dedicated to helping individuals enjoy the quality of life they not only have the right to, but deserve. 

Serenity C&C Inc.

​Our Sponsored Residential Providers have the direct responsibility for the guidance, supervision, and support for the child and/or adult individuals in their home.

 Sponsored Residential Providers oversee the physical care and developments of acceptable habits and attitudes. They help manage the individual’s behavior and support them with individualized goals.

Sponsored Residential Support for Adults
Sponsored Residential Support for Children

Community Integration & Supported Employment

We provide these services for all seven cities, Poquoson, Gloucester, Chester and the Richmond area