Serenity C&C Inc.



  • Individual Rights
  • Personal Choice
  • Normalization
  • Dignity of Risk
  • Nonrestrictive Program Alternatives
  • Natural Support
  • Community Presence & Participation

Serenity C & C, Inc. is a Sponsored Residential Service that is licensed by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services of the State of Virginia. Our company is licensed to provide the support and training to individuals with intellectual disabilities and we serve these individuals who have a Medicaid Wavier for ID/MR.
As a Sponsored Residential Service, we provide the same services, benefits, and protections an individual would receive in a group home, but do so without the institutional environment often associated with such facilities. Our Sponsor Families invite individuals who have intellectual disabilities to partner with their families, to live in their home, and to participate in their daily lives and activities.

Our homes provide the normalization, dignity of risk, and community presence and participation our individuals have the right to and deserve. They also offer nonrestrictive program alternatives, natural support, respect, and individual rights that would not be achievable to such a degree in a group home setting.


Individuals who live in a Serenity C & C, Inc. home are respected as a member of their Sponsor Family rather than being known only as a resident of a group home. As such, their disability simply becomes one aspect of their person and is not their defining aspect. Our individuals lead lives of dignity and are a respected member of their Sponsored Family and their community.

Individual Rights

Individuals have the right to explore life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. People with intellectual disabilities have the same human rights as non-disabled persons. This includes, but is not limited to, privacy, the right to live in a neighborhood, and freedom of speech. Individual rights are greatly enhanced in a sponsored residential setting as they are able to explore life choices and decisions.   

 Personal Choice

Personal choice helps to define the individual and express their identity. Choice is the experience of growing autonomy, in small matter such as what to wear or what to eat, as well as larger, life defining matters such as who to live with, what type of work to accept, and even who to vote for. Sponsor Families utilize every appropriate opportunity to encourage and guide individuals how to make meaningful choices.


At Serenity C&C, INC. we believe that an individual should be known for who they are and not their disability. Individuals with intellectual disabilities should be supported in lead lives as close to others in their community who are their age. When an individual lives with one of our Sponsor Families, they live in a manner that is very much like his or her their age. They become known as a member of the family rather than someone who lives in a home for the “Mentally Retarded”. In the end, life in a Serenity C&C, INC. home is much more normal than life in a group home. Our individuals truly thrive and find their own personal identity and style.

Dignity of Risk

Individuals need to be allowed to experience the risks that go along with everyday life that are necessary for personal growth and development. They need to be in a position and have the information necessary, to make an informed decision that poses potential risk.

In the homes of Serenity C&C, INC., our Sponsor Families provide the individual with attention that allows ongoing opportunities to explain the likely consequences of a potential course of action. Armed with this knowledge and understanding of the consequences, our individuals are able to safely take the risks of everyday life and take advantage of the opportunities for growth inherent in the risk.

Nonrestrictive Program Alternative

Nonrestrictive programming is defined as supporting a person in a natural setting with family and friends by providing flexible support that works well for each individual. People with intellectual disabilities should be live in nice homes, located in safe communities; not in “homelike” facilities or group homes in a business district or isolated from other people. They should have the option to work a regular job and participate in everyday activities.

Natural Support

This concept is closely tied to the Nonrestrictive Program Alternative. Training is most effective when provided to individuals in the most natural setting such as a line at the grocery store, a library, or a church. Training in a real setting makes the most of the natural cues such as being patient in the checkout line of a store, reading silently, or the family singing a hymn at church. These cues can help strengthen and maintain new skills.

Community Presence & Participation

All people with disabilities belong in the community in the same neighborhoods, stores, and jobs where other people spend their time.

At Serenity C&C, INC., our individuals are able to actively participate in the life of the Sponsored Household. They are able to attend functions with the family, shop for groceries and clothing, participate and attend athletic events, and some even attend church. Our individuals are much more active in their communities than residents living in group homes.

Mission Statement Reg. 570

Serenity C & C, Inc. Sponsored Residential is a for-profit licensed provider serving intellectual disability adults, children, individuals and families with developmental disabilities. The company is dedicated and committed through training and support in a home setting to establishing a quality life, to advocate for individual rights, liberties and opportunities for mentally retarded adults to attain their individual goals.