Services We Offer

Sponsored Residential Support

Sponsored Residential Support offers the same services, benefits, and protections available in a group home but we are able to achieve this in the comfort and intimacy of a family setting. Individuals are welcomed with open arms as roommates or even a family member, rather than a client or patient. They are included in family get-togethers, reunions, holiday observances, church functions and community activities.

Community Integration

Serenity C & C, Inc. provides Community Integration activities that are chosen and set forth by the individual when their person-centered plan is developed. Community engagement activities foster and enhance the skills needed to build positive social behavior. There is a strong emphasis on interpersonal confidence, increased independence, employability and job willingness. Personal choice is encouraged to enable the individual access to the same activities and functions as the general population. These activities are conducted at naturally occurring times and in a variety of natural settings in which the person actively interacts with individuals without disabilities (other than those paid to support the person).The activities enhance the person's involvement with the community and facilitate the development of natural supports. These services cannot take place in a licensed residential setting or in the individual's residence and is provided based on a ratio of no more than one staff per three individuals. Community Integration will be provided in the least restrictive and most integrated settings according to the individual’s person-centered plan and individual choice. 

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Registered Behavioral Technicians
Board Certified Behavioral Analysis